I have over 10 years of experience in research, communications, project coordination and community engagement.  Prior to these ten years I was a researcher and story producer for TV and radio, and a film publicist.

From 2017-present I have worked on several part-time contracts for Canadian Mental Health Association BC [Vancouver-Fraser]. Currently as Communications and Resource Specialist I research and manage website content for Get Set & Connect – a peer-based program that enhances mental health and well-being in people with lived experience with a mental health and/or addiction concern.

At the same time, from 2012 – 2020 I worked part-time with the Canadian Institute for the Relief of Pain and Disability (which became the Work Wellness Institute). I began as Education Coordinator, where I investigated the work of experts around the world, expanding my knowledge about the reduction and prevention of pain, pain-related suffering and disability. Our aim was to turn current research into tools and practical information to help people improve their quality of life and find relief from ongoing pain, while bringing health professionals, pain sufferers and researchers together.

After the organization rebranded, I became the Education, Outreach and Communications Specialist where I was responsible for managing logistics for a global webinar series. I also led communication initiatives for the organization, and reached out to create partnerships with community, national and international organizations.  I worked to forward the organization’s vision of safe, healthy, and inclusive workplaces for all.  My goal was to program online education for knowledge translation: to reduce the gap between what is known from high quality research and what is done in practice.  To advance this work, I completed a knowledge mobilization course through the University of Guelph, Engage: Building capacity to understand and use relevant evidence.

As a volunteer, I’m part of Vancouver Coastal Health’s Community Engagement Advisory Network (CEAN).  I have been involved in several projects, including co-debriefing facilitation training as part of simulated nurse education.  Currently I am part of a team that provides plain-language, patient-centred edits for Vancouver Coastal Health publications.

More about my background as Latitude Media , media production list and writing samples.

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